#SMUELT Connection

Issue 4, June 2024 - Unearthed Productions

Becoming the star of the show

Is it ever too late to reinvent your business? According to Mr Adam Piperdy, founder and Chief Experience Officer of events company Unearthed Productions, the answer is a clear “no”. 

Mr Piperdy, who says his company was ready to make real changes, found great value in attending the Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) by SMU programme — a unique initiative designed to empower small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with business insights and actionable business growth plans.

The events industry veteran, who describes himself as an “accidental entrepreneur”, had successfully grown his business for 16 years but was looking to thrive in the post-COVID era. For him, the business model canvas exercise — a part of the business growth plan — was particularly transformative. 

Mr Piperdy realised that by diversifying his current business to offer related services, he could garner greater revenue from the same pool of clients. “Come to the programme,” he tells those SMEs who might be interested. “Look for the solutions and create the outcome that you want.”

Interested in transforming your business? The ELT programme offers invaluable expertise and a supportive network of business leaders to catalyse your company’s growth.

Watch this video to discover how the ELT programme can help you set your own stage of success.


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