Welcome Message

Dear Friends, 

Greetings! Welcome to UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (UOB-SMU AEI)!

UOB-SMU AEI is truly an unique partnership given that it is a private-for-private initiative and first of its kind of arrangement.

Many successful entrepreneurs (customers of UOB) responded positively to our call to pay forward – knowing how difficult their entrepreneurial journeys are, they would like other SMEs to become successful through the assistance provided by the initiative. The initiative is the first of its kind to blend the learning needs of both our SMEs and our students via our flagship programme (SME Consulting Programme (SCP)) that has been running since 2005.

Besides SCP, we are also in the works to bring onboard training programme aims at creating a community for like-minded new generation business leaders.

It has always been our aspiration that SMEs and our students can always come together to create a meaningful journey and outcome for everyone.

We look forward to having you being a part of this learning journey.   


Dr. ANG Ser-Keng

Dr. ANG Ser-Keng

Principal Lecturer of Finance
Vice Chairman of Executive Committee & Director, UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute
Academic Director, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Academic Director, Executive Masters of Business (EMBA) Programme


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