Issue 12, Jan 2024 - Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd

A Toast to Transformation  

In the competitive world of food and beverage (F&B), change is the only constant. Thus, the story of Amici Events & Catering stands out as a testament to strategic adaptability and resilience.

In this edition of SME Showcase, we chronicle a business that has not only survived the ups and downs of the notoriously competitive industry, but has also thrived by leveraging change as a catalyst for innovation and expansion. From its inception in 2000 as a cosy restaurant, to its evolution into a regional leader in events and catering, Amici’s trajectory offers valuable insights — the power of experimenting with new ideas while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and investing in its people.

We hope Amici’s inspiring story provides food for thought, especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises seeking a fresh perspective on the potential benefits of embracing transformation and innovation. Enjoy the read!


Cheers To Change: Amici Events & Catering 


Answering the call of business transformation with enthusiasm has been crucial to the growth and success of Amici Events & Catering. Meaning “friends” in Italian, the company began life as an intimate restaurant tucked in a shophouse in Singapore’s Holland Village. It was so named because Founder and CEO Willie Tan believes that “great company and great food are synonymous with a great time”. Amici has undergone significant transformations and transitions in its business since its launch in 2000.  Read more










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