SME Showcase

Dear Friends,

By now, many would have associate UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (UOB-SMU AEI) as an Institute for continuous learning and discovery. We endeavour to bring to you knowledge and information that will inspire you to seek for the deeper meanings of continuous growth, be it personal or business wise.  

As an extension to this belief, we are bringing you the ‘SME Showcase’ series which will contain a collection of unique cases relating to SME issues, learning and transformation journeys.

In this new series, you will be looking at companies who have survived years of intense battles and challenges in their respective markets.  Some have had to change business models in order to remain relevant to their customers and stakeholders, whereas others have had to grapple with succession issues. Each of these companies would have their own unique story to share with you. The objective of our endeavour is to use these cases to inspire, encourage and motivate you as you walk your own journey.  This is particularly important for growth firms as the most significant challenge is to scale the business to the next level, which is usually the toughest.

We hope you will find the content of the ‘SME Showcase’ as enjoyable and meaningful for you as it has been for us in publishing it for you. Please continue to enjoy in partaking this journey of growing through learning and discovery with us.


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