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Issue 29, June 2018 
Step Out, Step Up

For SMEs looking for innovative ideas to help them scale the next stage of growth, the ‘Business Capstone: The Design of Business’ (Capstone) Programme – a course offered by the university’s SMU-X office – provides the ideal fit.

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Category: eBulletin
Short Chat with the Boss

Episode 18, May 2018 
3.Arts Concept

Mr Bernard Lim, owner and founder of 3.Arts Concept, a company specialising in live 3D scanning services, has completely transfigured the commercial 3D printing market in Singapore.

Category: Video Clips
SME Column

Issue 17, July 2018
Addressing Singularity Fears of AI Taking Over The Workplace 

Since the 1950s, some of the world’s brightest minds and powerful personalities have tried to push the boundaries of human intelligence in the hope of creating machines that would mimic humans.

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Category: SME Column
Applied Research

Multi-Year Development Study,
Web Report 1 (June 2016)

In March 2013, SPRING Singapore and the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute commissioned a Multi-year Talent Development Study - conducted by Hay Group and Singapore Management University - to track the progress and effectiveness of the various talent management programmes introduced by SPRING Singapore as well as to gain insights in year-on-year trends in talent attraction and engagement in SMEs. 
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Category: Applied Research
Marketing Toolkit

The Marketing Toolkit is an online resource that aims to introduce and educate SMEs the fundamentals of marketing as well as provide self-help tips and templates for simple implementation.

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Category: Toolkit
SME Showcase

Issue 1, July 2018 
Add A Spring To Your Step

Man or machine - which works better? With disruptive technologies re-defining the way business is done, the popular vote is out for mechanisation, though on the ground, some organisations are proving that people still hold the winning cards (over machines). 

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Category: SME Showcase

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