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Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT)

Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) is a one-year executive education programme that aims to help SME leaders strengthen their leadership skills and build critical business fundamentals and networks. This programme targets aspiring SMEs who are at the early stage of transformation and looking to move onto their next stage of growth.

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Ask Our Experts

A brand new Q&A (ie. Question and Answer) service platform which allows you to ask our professional experts any questions relating to a specific topic or business landscape in general.

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Short Chat with the Boss

Episode 34, May 2022
Sin Lee Stationery Plastic Co. Pte. Ltd. 

Through innovations, Sin Lee Stationery has taken steps to stay resilient and relevant against emerging trends. Their first step began with approaching UOB-SMU AEI for its signature SME Consulting Programme (SCP). 

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SME Column

Issue 32, April 2022
Traditional vs Digital Organisations - Digital Transformation 

The drive to preserve the business for future generations makes family-owned enterprises especially suited to sustainability initiatives. Embracing ESG frameworks will help measure their effectiveness.

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Category: SME Column

Issue 44, March 2022
Seizing Opportunities to Charge Ahead 

This bulletin showcases two SMEs, Aventis Learning Group (Aventis) and Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials (HBJB), which, through innovation, resilience and adaptability, are seizing emerging opportunities to fuel their sustainability. 

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Applied Research

Multi-Year Development Study,

Web Report 1 (June 2016)

In March 2013, SPRING Singapore and the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute commissioned a Multi-year Talent Development Study - conducted by Hay Group and Singapore Management University - to track the progress and effectiveness of the various talent management programmes introduced by SPRING Singapore as well as to gain insights in year-on-year trends in talent attraction and engagement in SMEs.

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Marketing Toolkit

The Marketing Toolkit is an online resource that aims to introduce and educate SMEs the fundamentals of marketing as well as provide self-help tips and templates for simple implementation.

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SME Showcase

Issue 8, January 2022

From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

In this issue of SME Showcase, we feature two small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) whose senior executives are entrepreneurs who have taken the ordinary, peppered it with innovative and impactful ideas, and made them extraordinary and appealing to the customers. 

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