The UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute's flagship programme, the SME Consulting Programme (SCP), focuses on experiential learning, wherein SMU student consultants, guided by experienced Project Advisors, help SMEs solve business problems.

The SME Learning Portal, is an extension of this learning process and is an integral part of the eco-system for learning. Our aspiration for the SME Learning Portal is to provide a platform for our SMEs to understand themselves better as well as to gain knowledge about business and management. As such, the SME Learning Portal has two modules – a knowledge repository of contents on business and management, and an interactive set of toolkits.

Through this learning and enhanced understanding, we hope our SMEs will be inspired, curious and motivated to engage us in experiential learning via our SCP. The key outcomes of some of the SCP projects, will then be written up and would form part of the content of the SME Learning Portal. This would, in turn, serve to provide other SMEs with ideas of what they can do for themselves (these cases will only be published after they have been sanitized for sensitive information and cleared with the SME concerned, because we respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information).

We believe that with the rapid pace of change in the market and the increase in competition, resulting in technological development, learning becomes even more critical in order to succeed or survive. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you for joining us in lifelong learning.


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