Dear Friends

UOB-SMU AEI has been kept very busy with not only our core programme – SME Consulting Programme but also the SME Learning Portal, since its inception in June 2013. Our aspiration is to provide a platform for our SMEs to understand themselves better as well as to gain knowledge about business and management.

We are heartened to see the number of visitors growing and that many SMEs have indeed benefitted from our offerings online. It is exactly with this encouraging response that we continue to bring new things to the table to satisfy the ever-growing appetite of our diligent SMEs!

Learning never stops. Hence, we are happy to bring to you an entirely new segment – SME Column. Parked under the Knowledge Repository section within the SME Learning Portal, the SME Column is an outlet for SMEs to share their views and knowledge on specific topic that is close to heart. From here, we aim to create some sort of Thought Leadership, letting the experts in the field talk to you, answering some of the lingering questions you have in mind regarding a particular topic. So, if you have something you would like to share, please feel free to contact us at uobsmuaei [at] smu.edu.sg! We look forward to learn from you!

We hope you will find the content of the SME Column as enjoyable and meaningful as per our other offerings. Please enjoy in partaking this journey of growing through learning and discovery with us.



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