Since 2005, UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (UOB-SMU AEI) has helped local enterprises in specific business area, and more than often, a crucial part of their entire game plan.

The SME Consulting Programme (SCP) and SME Consulting Programme Plus (SCP+) finance business projects mandated by local enterprises and startups, undertaken by SMU students and supervised by an experienced project advisor or SMU faculty who is either subject matter expert or industry practitioner. It is a first-of-its-kind tripartite collaboration where a leading regional bank lends financial commitment, a world-class university makes available student and faculty resources, and successful local businesses provide sponsorship and hands-on experience to nurture and develop the local business community.

Students engaging in these projects have had strong academic grounding and interest in the area they are consulting. This is where they pick up hands-on experiences that will equip them for the real world.

Majority of these projects were Implementation projects and with the remaining consisting of Business Planning and Business Strategies, Feasibility Studies, Brand Audit and Strategies, Market Research, Data Analytics, Human Resource, Finance and Operation Management related projects. A typical example of how the SME Consulting Programme works is, students working on an Implementation project will have the opportunity to embark primary data collection and analysis before devising a set of suitable strategies where some of them will be selectively implemented for the companies. 

Local enterprises who would like to be involved with UOB-SMU AEI by providing opportunities for SMU students to work with them, may apply to do so.

  • If you are an interested local enterprise, please visit our pages for SMEs. Startups are now welcome to apply.
  • If you are an interested student consultant, please visit our pages for students.
  • If you are an interested project advisor, please visit our pages for project advisors.


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