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With support from its donors, UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (UOB-SMU AEI) commissions business consultancy projects which are initiated by companies and undertaken by a team of student consultants being mentored by a project advisor who is either SMU faculty, subject matter expert or industry practitioner.

Type of Consulting Projects (including but not limited to)

A. SME Consulting Programme (SCP) and SME Consulting Programme Plus (SCP+)
(Bite-sized Consulting Projects)

In the past, the projects in the SCP tend to stop at the recommendations stage, and our SMEs have expressed the hope that we can do more for them – and this is exactly what we are doing!

In the last quarter of 2018, the UOB-SMU AEI introduced SCP+, an enhancement of our existing SCP. The “Plus” is significant – because in this initiative, the student-consultants will assist the SMEs in the implementation of some of their approved recommendations – which in turn helps the SMEs see almost immediate results.

With various project scopes ranging from Business Strategies, Marketing, Branding, as well as Finance, HR and Processes related business issues, a dedicated team of 3 undergraduates will work closely with the company under the mentorship of an industry practitioner to develop long term strategies and incorporate implementation work.

Course Run: Flexible
Commitment: 16-20 weeks with 5 face-to-face meetings
Project Fee: S$1,935 nett (after 70% subsidy and including incidental expenses and prevailing GST of 9%)

  • Each project costs S$5000 which covers stipends to the student consultants and honorarium to the project advisor.
  • Projects that are approved will receive a subsidy of 70% on the cost of the consulting project. Hence, SME pays S$1500 (excluding incidental expenses and GST).
  • SME bears expenses such as incentives for focus group participants, stationery, printing, transport claims, implementation cost, etc.

B. Business Capstone: The Design of Business

Under the Business Model Canvas, this course focuses on applying a cross-disciplinary approach while considering both business model and business solution formulation. Mentored by a SMU faculty, 4 to 6 different undergraduate teams will be working with the company to develop solutions by analytic review and abstract idea generation.

Course Run: Twice a year (Jan, Aug)
Commitment: 13 weeks with 3 face-to-face meetings

C. Accounting Analytics Capstone

This course focuses on examining accounting processes and applying data-driven analytics and insights so as to identify and create accounting delivery efficiencies. Mentored by a SMU faculty, a team of undergraduates will work with the company to develop models as well as data visualisation dashboard.

Course Run: Twice a year (Jan, Aug)
Commitment: 13 weeks with 4 face-to-face meetings


  • Projects must be beneficial to the SMEs
  • Projects must provide students with meaningful experience and exposure to business issues and problems
  • Company must be at least 30% Singaporean-owned or PR-owned

Application Process

  • Complete the online PROJECT REQUEST SHEET.
  • Email the completed form to uobsmuaei [at] smu.edu.sg
  • Staff from the Institute will contact applicants to obtain further details
  • Requests will be reviewed by the Institute based on internal guidelines
  • If approved, a team of student consultants and project advisor will be assigned to the project. The project advisor will usually be a member of the SMU faculty or an affiliate who is either a subject matter expert or industry practitioner

Type of Assistance

Student consultant teams will be able to assist in the following areas (not limited to):

  • Digital Marketing Implementation
  • Business Planning / Business Strategies
  • Feasibility Study
  • Market Research and Strategies
  • Brand Audit and Strategies
  • Accounting Data Analytics
  • Finance Valuation
  • Operational Process Review and Enhancement
  • HR Policies and Procedures & Employee Handbook
  • Job Mapping and Review of HR processes
  • Development of Appraisal System
  • Review of Remuneration Structure
  • Organisation Climate Analysis (employee satisfaction/needs)
  • Overseas Market / International Business Research (Overseas Project)
  • Any other business-related issues 


Please email us at uobsmuaei [at] smu.edu.sgusea [at] smu.edu.sg ( )if you have any enquiries.


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