Curriculum and Modules


  • Enhance SME Owners’ Leadership Capability
    The programme aims to up-skill these sandwiched SME owners with leadership lessons and relevant knowledge that can help propel their business forward.
  • Coaching and Joint Development of a Business Growth Plan
    Over the programme duration, SME owners will be actively working on an implementable business plan that they can bring back to their SME and apply.
  • Peer-to-Peer Support Network and Access to an SMU Growth Office
    Critical to their growth is finding like-minded peers in the same stage of business development to learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.




Securing the business legacy of Founding Generation business leaders in your company

Brand Building & Communications

  • Build a strong organization brand to prepare for the growth of the portfolio of brands
  • Understand the customer journey & unique value proposition of the portfolio of products/services

Financial Wisdom

  • Understand the basic principles of financial metrics
  • Recognise the effects of strategic choices & financial performance
  • Appreciate key factors driving value creation


Mould the company to fit your vision and ambition to provide the thrust into the future

Strategic Thinking & Executing Strategy

  • Forward/big picture thinking of the industry & firm
  • Translation of these into achievable strategic plans (tactical steps) to achieve strategic goals

Digital Transformation & Innovation for Growth

  • Every business is a digital business – either it is a disrupted or is being disrupted
  • To innovate & think Digital FIRST – to do the same thing in different ways using digital as a mind set


Expanding into new markets, diversifying your business portfolio & grow capabilities

Managing Business Growth & Expansion

  • Investigate ways to grow & scale business operation
  • Use different access such as acquisitions, joint ventures, franchising, licensing & business alliances

Leadership & Talent Management - Sustainability & Growth

  • Manage & effect organizational changes to steer it to a new & desired
  • Understand best practices in talent management, enabling firms to attract, develop & retain human capital


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