Welcome Students

The UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (UOB-SMU AEI) invites you to join us as a student consultant for consulting projects with local enterprises.

The Institute seeks to provide educational and training opportunities for SMU students to work with local enterprises and startups in Singapore as student consultants, and be exposed to consulting and enterprise management issues. Student consultants who are engaged by the Institute will assist with consulting projects in the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing Implementation
  • Business Planning / Business Strategies
  • Feasibility Study
  • Market Research and Strategies
  • Brand Audit and Strategies
  • Accounting Data Analytics
  • Finance Valuation
  • Operational Process Review and Enhancement
  • HR Policies and Procedures & Employee Handbook
  • Job Mapping and Review of HR processes
  • Development of Appraisal System
  • Review of Remuneration Structure
  • Organisation Climate Analysis (employee satisfaction/needs)
  • Overseas Market / International Business Research (Overseas Project)
  • Any other business-related issues 

Besides gaining valuable experiences that can spice up your CV and earning stipend of S$3,000 per team, you can also log in the consulting projects done with the Institute as part of your 10-week internship requirements (Applicable for some schools only). Hence, this programme serves as an alternative for gaining some great internship experiences. All teams will be guided by a project advisor who will be your sounding board and mentor for the project. 

Starting 1 August 2023, your experience with our SME Consulting Programme (SCP) will now be officially documented in your 'Co-Curricular Transcript'! Besides documenting activities, this Transcript offers insights into the skillsets that you have developed in the process.​

With the learning outcomes established for our SCP, each is mapped to SMU’s Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs), each student consultant will now be assessed post-project, on each of the identified GLOs and awarded with one of these three levels of learning – Exposure, Integration and Transformation, with each level indicating a progressively more impactful experience.​

You will be assessed via direct observation by your Project Manager, feedback from your Project Advisor as well as your reflection to be shared during the Final Presentation. ​

This progression of documenting your SCP involvement on your Transcript not only concretises your effort and involvement but also showcases your personal growth and learning!​

If you would like to be a student consultant with the Institute, do keep a lookout for our recruitment emailer or click here for the consulting projects available.

Please email us at: SCP [at] smu.edu.sg  if you have any enquiries.


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