Available Consulting Projects

Journey with the companies and the Project Advisors to hone your consulting skills! 
Starting 1 August 2023, your experience with our SME Consulting Programme (SCP) will now be officially documented in your 'Co-Curricular Transcript'! Besides documenting activities, this Transcript offers insights into the skillsets that you have developed in the process.
Project 955/FY24      
Company Profile: The company has been in the distribution of furniture hardware (e.g.: bolts, hinges) for close to four decades.
Type of Project: Digital Marketing (Implementation) 
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Project 954/FY24     Unavailable      
Company Profile: The startup is in the unique space of providing convenience and ease for landlords and tenants. Its proposition is to relieve
the landlord of the dealings and managing of any maintenance work, and liasing with the tenants, etc. 
Type of Project: Go-to-market Strategies
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Project 915/FY23     
Company Profile: The company specialises in providing tech software and solutions which enable innovation in product creation, design and digital manufacturing.
Type of Project: Digital Marketing Strategies
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Note: Only teams that have been shortlisted will receive notification via email to attend an interview with our Institute staff.

Besides gaining valuable experiences that can spice up your CV and earning stipend of S$3,000 per team, you can also log in the consulting projects done with the Institute as part of your 10-week internship requirements (applicable for some schools only). Hence, this programme serves as an alternative for gaining some great internship experiences. All teams will be guided by a project advisor who will be your sounding board and mentor for the project.
How to apply?
You are required to form your team of 3 members for each project. If you are interested to be part of the consulting team, please submit your team application at this link.
Only shortlisted teams will be notified via email. Please email us at: SCP [at] smu.edu.sg usea [at] smu.edu.sg ( )if you have any further enquiries.


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