Issue 45, June 2022 - Component Singapore | FAFC (Singapore)

Ready to Charge Ahead 

A little more than two years after COVID-19 disrupted life and business as we know it, Singapore began to relax its safe management measures beginning end-March. The conditions were right to take a “decisive step forward towards living with COVID-19”, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on March 24, when he provided the nation with an update of the pandemic situation. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the announcement was likely met with a collective sigh of relief. After all, with their lean resources, SMEs would have been grappling with multiple challenges as a result of the pandemic. Already, a fair number of them have thrown in the towel. Some have quickly adapted and with resilience, pivoted to new business models. Yet others have taken this occasion to re-look their business practices, with the objective of preparing themselves to charge ahead when the time was right. The two featured SMEs in this bulletin belong to this last category. They are helmed by proactive entrepreneurs who believe in not just waiting to seize opportunities but in actually creating them, to advance their business scalability and sustainability.

Oral care products manufacturer FAFC (Singapore) wanted to launch a new toothbrush steriliser in Singapore but needed help to gauge its impact on the consumers; it also wanted ideas on how to optimise the success of its innovation. Component Singapore, on the other hand, was looking for a clear brand narrative for GoodWife, the brand it was using to market its range of smart laundry systems.

Through the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute’s SME Consulting Programme (SCP), FAFC found the answers it was seeking through a feasibility study; Component Singapore received recommendations on establishing a compelling brand positioning through a brand strategies study. Each SME had the benefit of a dedicated team comprising student-consultants guided by a Project Advisor from the industry and a Project Manager from the Institute, to address its business issues. 

Using a methodological and scientific approach – the hallmark of the SCP – the consulting team presented a final report featuring the research and analysis, and a comprehensive set of recommendations tailored to the SME’s requirements. Both SMEs declared their satisfaction with the project outcomes, which they described as feasible and practicable. 

These SMEs took charge of their business issues and equipped themselves with focused action plans that would drive their charge to their next phase of development. Are you ready to do the same? Come talk to us. Let’s explore how the SCP can propel you to achieve new business growth.



A Smarter Wash and Dry: Component Singapore Pte Ltd (Project Scope: Brand Strategies)

In 2019, Component Singapore was set up to forward the vision of introducing innovative technology solutions to impact every household. Business took off quickly and soon, its intelligent laundry system, automated through the touch of a button and featuring ultra-violet (UV) rays to aid in the drying process, became one of the SME’s top sellers. As the SME’s portfolio of intelligent laundry solutions grew, company Founder and Director Elvis Yang saw the need for a stronger and more defined brand positioning.  Read more



 Hygienically Yours: FAFC (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Project Scope: Feasibility Study)


For many people, oral hygiene tends to centre around a routine of teeth flossing and brushing, gargling with mouthwash and biannual visits to the dentist. An oral care products manufacturer, however, wants to introduce an additional level of hygiene with the company’s innovative new product – a toothbrush steriliser. It taps on the power of ultra-violet (UV) light radiation to reduce the microbial load on the toothbrush, sanitising it and making it cleaner for use. The innovation was the brainchild of FAFC’s inhouse research and development (R&D) division, which is largely responsible for the concepts and products in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)’s range of oral care merchandise.  Read more


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