Ask Our Experts

Dear Friends,

At UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute, we always strive to bring you meaningful initiatives that will aid in your learning and discovery journey.

As a continuation, we are bringing you ‘Ask Our Experts’ where the SMEs can direct their queries to a pool of experts on our portal. Through this, we hope to create an avenue for the industry experts to share their knowledge and for SMEs to enrich their learning. SMEs can ask any of our domain experts questions relating to a specific topic or business landscape. In a way, we are also encouraging the concept of giving back to the community where the industry offer and share their knowledge openly.

We hope you will find the content of the ‘Ask Our Experts’ as enjoyable and meaningful for you as it has been for us in publishing it for you. Please continue to enjoy in partaking this journey of growth through learning and discovery with us.



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