Flashover: Creativity, Business, and Society in the Age of AI

AI will fundamentally change advertising and marketing, industry verticals, and society at large.

Has Meta's Twitter Answer Arrived? Threads at a Glance

The rumors over the last two months have been confirmed: as of today, Meta's new text-based app, called Threads, is now available for free download in more than 100 countries from…

Investing in Your Employees is Investing in Your Brand

Every year, organizations spend billions of dollars to create and sustain positive brand perceptions. That includes consumer advertising, public relations, social media and…

Ogilvy On—The Future of Data

Nearly three-quarters of digital media is now addressable, and that’s expected to rise to 80% by 2025.

Pay Back Your Investment in Marketing Technology at the Speed of Light — Part I

The majority of brands across the globe struggle with optimizing return on capital investments in marketing technology.

Pay Back Your Investment in Marketing Technology at the Speed of Light — Part II

CEOs across the globe have made optimization of their marketing technology (MarTech) stacks a top priority.

The Future in a Minute: An Aging Population Turns Silver into Gold

In the latest episode of The Future in a Minute, Jeremy Katz illustrates the incredible—and growing—purchasing power of aging consumers.

7 Misconceptions About Amazon e-Commerce

Amazon accounts for 37.8% of all e- commerce sales, the highest market share of all e-commerce brands. It is crucial for your brand to be ready for e-retail success and rapidly…

The Impact of AI on Marketing: From Algorithms to Artistry

The potential of AI is captivating; the hype surrounding it undeniable. Its world-changing capability, coupled with the speed at which it has improved in quality, is pointing…

The Future of Consent: The Coming Revolution in Privacy and Consumer Trust

This is the third paper in Ogilvy Consulting and Caden's series on Data. Check out "Take Back Your Data" and "How Brands Can Respond to the New Data Normal".