Issue 4, Mar 2012 - Jia Yen | New Soon Huat | Yoshinoya

Unlocking the Value of your Brand

A brand connects people with a company and conveys the core messages a company wishes to bring to its stakeholders. This encompasses telling people what the company is about, what it can offer and why it is different from its peers. In short, a brand tells a story about the company to its audience.

Any storyteller can tell you that to spin a good yarn, the story must have a proper structure, an appealing content and an enticing delivery. But even before the preparations can begin, you need to know how your potential audience perceives you, so you can “pitch” your story appropriately. The same applies to business. Renowned writer, professor and management consultant Peter Drucker (1909-2005) said it well when he proclaimed, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” If you want to manage your brand and set the company on a growth path, it is important to first know how well the brand resonates with the target clientele.

A brand audit will reveal what and how stakeholders think of the company, and what they expect from it. It will also show how the brand fares among its competitors. Such findings will contribute to the development of a more content-relevant and compelling brand story.

Having a correctly-positioned brand story is crucial to companies including SMEs. Especially in the very competitive food & beverage industry, you need to get all the story ingredients right.

In this fourth issue, three food & beverage companies offering different specialties and with varying degrees of experience talk about the positive results of unlocking the value of their brand. These brand audit projects were executed by SMU student-consultants who were mentored by project advisers with the requisite domain expertise.


The Learning and Discovery starts here!

Nutrition and great taste: In a Jia Yen ready-to-eat food pack

Utter the word “housewife” and several associations will come to mind. The woman does not work and her full-time “job” centres on the home and its occupants. Her role is synonymous with managing the household, such as performing chores, cooking and taking care of the family . It definitely does not include serving store-purchased, ready-to-eat convenience meals!… read on

A “new” look at traditional dishes: New Soon Huat shows the way

Established in January 2011, New Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh is located along Jalan Kayu at a stretch of road more known for its roti pratas than Chinese food. That did not stop the founders, ex-offenders who have broken away from old habits to embark on “new” lives. Therein lies the significance of the word “new” in the company and restaurant name… read on

Fast food is not junk food: Yoshinoya shows why

Yoshinoya is a well-established Japanese restaurant chain serving wholesome and tasty authentic Japanese rice-based meals at affordable prices, with fast-food convenience. Founded in 1899, the chain has expanded its presence from its first outlet in Tokyo in 1946 to over 1,200 outlets worldwide… read on


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