Issue 1, Jun 2011 - Data Terminator | Dreamfish Inc | Red House Seafood

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Data Terminator: Destroy, Protect, Secured!

Data Terminator Pte Ltd is an information leakage protection specialist providing certified equipment and professional services for secure electronic data erasure, destruction and disposal. Founded in 2007, the company has secured a clientele spanning government agencies and statutory boards, financial services industry players and multinational companies … read on

Dreamfish Inc: Specialist Arowana Breeder Snags a Winner

Dreamfish Inc was incorporated in 2002 with the vision to breed the world’s best Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) and spread the culture of Singapore through its fish and related business dealings. This idea found favour with Singapore Tourism Board, which granted the company the exclusive right to brand its fish as MerLion Arowana … read on

Red House Seafood Restaurant: Delighting Different Palates

It is easy to guess the origins of the “Red House” moniker. Established in Singapore in 1976 along Upper East Coast Road, the restaurant began dishing out delectable seafood cuisine in a colonial bungalow with an eye-catching, fire-engine red façade. Red House Seafood Restaurant soon garnered a loyal following with its brand promise of tradition, quality and service. In 1986, the restaurant relocated to East Coast Seafood Centre and since then, has continued to draw in loyal customers and diners in search of delicious seafood fare…read on


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