Issue 3, Jul 2019 - Capitol Optical | Toyo Adtec

The Indispensable Human Touch 


In the ongoing digital revolution, smart technologies are transforming the way we live, work and play. And companies big and small, established and new, have been told by the business “gurus” that they’d better plug into technology or risk being left behind. But is technology the be-all and end-all?

In this issue of SME Showcase – a bi-annual series that provides a behind-the-scenes look at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their business journeys – we shine the spotlight on two firms as they share their setbacks, milestones and achievements, and what they are doing to bring their businesses into the future. Through the sharing of such insider information, we hope to inspire and motivate other SMEs as they chart their own corporate directions. After all, the knowledge that other organisations are also facing similar challenges can provide a certain comfort and solidarity and, perhaps, even the much-needed push to get back on track.

For Capitol Optical, the second-generation management team was “put through the test” by their elders, and had to prove that they have what it takes to bring the 51-year-old company forward. Although technology is a crucial enabler for the firm, the human touch remains the company’s winning dynamic.  

Ironically, for a company which has found its niche as a trader of high-tech products, Toyo Adtec also credits its people as being critical to its sustainability. As the co-founder explained, technology products require a lot of knowledge transfer and training, as well as handholding, so his local teams deliver the “high-touch service” by being there for the clients.

While technology can be used to enhance a company’s expansion, it is equally important to ask if it is something you want to invest in, what technology products to buy and, importantly, if the investment really goes towards strengthening your value propositions.

As the two featured companies show, there is no need to blindly go with the flow – that is, the technologies that the experts are advocating – in the quest for success. We hope their experiences can give you pause to step back, re-examine your business needs and re-think your strategies. Enjoy your journey of learning with us.


A Vision for Better Things: Capitol Optical Company

Capitol Optical is the result of a family's passion for eye care, quality eyewear and customer service. In 1968, three brothers embarked on a shared dream to redefine the Singapore optical industry. Theirs was a humble beginning as they sold glasses from a pushcart. Working tirelessly, they were soon able to open their first store at Outram Park. One store grew to four and by 1983, they were serving customers right in the heart of town in Orchard Road.  Read more



Principle Rules and Trading Secrets: Toyo Adtec Pte Ltd  

Located in Singapore, Toyo Adtec Pte Ltd is the regional headquarters for the Toyo Adtec group. As the principal for established brands in the electronics and medical care industries, the company provides clients with smart solutions through a dynamic, collaborative relationship with its business partners. The company is helmed by a core team of four directors who founded Toyo Adtec in 2000.  Read more 




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