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Meaningful Interpretations of Life

One company is dedicated to bringing life to homes – in the form of beautiful glass furnishings and fixtures. Another company is as steadfast in doing the same, except it brings life through a vastly different mode – by generating activity deep within the muscles of recovering or immobile patients. 

Both companies may be small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) but size has not impeded their ambitions. They collaborated with the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute to uncover new ways to advance their business objectives by optimising the limited resources they have.

The first company, an art and design studio which uses glass as its primary medium, wanted to make its foray into the consumer market through a new brand featuring glass furnishings and fixtures. Through the Institute’s signature SME Consulting Programme (SCP), a team of student-consultants, supervised by an industry veteran and an Institute manager, undertook the project. Tapping on scientific methods – the hallmark of the SCP – the team carried out market research and devised strategies aimed at inspiring home owners to liven their homes with refined and functional glass furnishings. 

The second company, a medical-technology start-up, uses proprietary magnetic fields in its range of devices to activate muscles at the cellular level. Because of the immense potential to benefit certain categories of patients as well as the elderly, the SME wanted to raise awareness of its brand and the products through an overarching digital marketing strategy. Through the SCP+ – an extension of the SCP – the student-consultants not only designed the strategy, they went on to implement it, co-creating the content with the SME.

Whether you are looking to breathe new life into your company or have questions about creating an impactful brand, let’s have a chat. We can help interpret the needs of your company and recommend meaningful strategies to forward your business goals.



Exercise as Medicine: QuantumTX Pte Ltd  (Project Scope: Implementation)

Quantum TX

QuantumTX is a National University of Singapore medical-technology start-up. It harnesses proprietary magnetic fields to create the effects of exercise without stress or strain through its BIXEPS series of products. The BIXEPS devices enable recovering and immobile patients to enjoy the benefits of exercise, such as muscle and bone regeneration, improved metabolism and reduced inflammation, without requiring physical movement or strain. Read more


Aspirational, Exquisite and Refined: Synergraphic Design Pte Ltd  (Project Scope: Market Research & Strategies)

Synergraphic Design Pte Ltd

Synergraphic Design Pte Ltd is a premier art+design studio that provides interior and architectural art glass solutions, bespoke lighting, installations, sculptures, features and murals for indoor and outdoor spaces. Striving to support ambitious architects, designers, brands and institutions globally to achieve breakthroughs in concept and design, the company seeks to use the fluidity of glass to create inviting features of all forms, functions, sizes and scales that are enduring and iconic, to align with the clients’ personalities and brands. Read more





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