Issue 35, Dec 2019 - 8xpand | Kelture Salon

Good Things Should Be Shared

Too much of a good thing? – there’s no such thing or, at least, not for the two SMEs featured in this bulletin. 

The two SMEs had completed their first consulting projects with the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (UOB-SMU AEI), and when they needed reliable professional research to support their new business plans, they again reached out to the Institute. This is testimony to the quality of work provided by the UOB-SMU AEI, and we are glad that they recognise a good thing when they see one.

The “good thing” is the Institute’s signature SME Consulting Programme (SCP), where clients get a dedicated consulting team to work on their business issues and receive realistic, workable solutions. Typically, the consulting team would comprise student consultants supervised by an industry veteran as Project Advisor, and supported by a UOB-SMU AEI manager. To date, more than 450 SMEs have benefited from their participation in the SCP.

Good things are meant to be shared. In this bulletin, we look at an overseas market research project under the SCP, as part of a feasibility study to support the client’s expansion plans. An original list of 12 countries was whittled down to three, and the final report included areas which the client could further explore as it considers extending its footprint beyond local shores. 

The second caselet is an SCP+ project. This is where the consulting team goes beyond the recommendation stage to the implementation stage. So far, the Institute’s SCP+ clients have been able to see immediate and concrete results when the proposals were implemented. Take a look at the caselet and see how the consulting team boosted the client’s online presence, to better align with its online marketing strategies. 

Want to partake of a good thing? Come talk to us. We can help provide solutions to address your business challenges. Together, we can propel your business to the next phase of growth.


Intelligent Secure Reliable: 8xpand Technologies Pte Ltd  (Project Scope: Overseas Market Research (HR Focused))
8xpand Technologies Pte Ltd is a leading-edge software developer and technology consultancy headquartered in Singapore. Since 2008, it has been creating strategic and innovative digital solutions to local industries powered by the latest technologies.  Read more


Lustrous Crowning Glory: Kelture Salon  (Project Scope: Feasibility Studies)
Kelture Salon is a leading hair salon located in the prime shopping precinct of Orchard Road. As an upmarket salon, it has been positioning itself as a premium brand – from its use of quality hair products to services including facial and nail services. Underlined by the belief that hairdressing is an art, the salon uses innovative botanical products from Aveda to ensure that its customers leave the salon looking and feeling good the “natural way”.  Read more





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