Issue 22, Sep 2016 - Owell Bodycare | Orthogem-Asia

Powering Health through Technology

Blastoise, Charizard, Pikachu, Venusaur… if these names sound unfamiliar, you are probably not plugged into the world of Pokemon Go – the augmented reality game that has galvanised millions of people globally. A recent Fortune article puts the number of downloads in perspective – in the first week of its launch, Pokemon Go was downloaded 7.2 million times from the Apple app store alone. This compares very favourably against Angry Birds 2’s 2.2 million downloads, and Candy Crush Jelly Saga’s 1.8 million downloads, in their respective launch week. Digital technologies have taken the world by storm, and with their prevalence, companies can tap on their far-reaching powers at cost-efficient prices to further their corporate and marketing goals.

The antiquated business concept – open a shop and the customers will come – has no place in today’s economy. Instead, companies must go where their customers are, understand their motivations and work hard to win their hearts, minds and wallets. In this newsletter, we showcase how two SMEs in the healthcare and wellness industry can optimise their marketing strategies by tapping on technology, and going where their target audience is – online. Research shows that young people frequent social media and are particularly receptive of information from certain channels. Thus, well-styled social media campaigns, like Pokemon Lures, can have the desired influence to “capture” them.

Social media channels are the in-thing when it comes to digital marketing. But different social media channels serve different purposes, and it is important to get the right combination in order to maximise the marketing effort. For SMEs that do not have extensive resources to engage a specialist marketing social media marketing company, the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute can provide expert consulting services – spanning marketing strategies, brand audits, business model review, and more – through our flagship SME Consulting Programme. A team of student-consultants, supervised by an industry veteran and the Institute, will carry out research and analysis using scientific methods, and provide practicable solutions to your business problem.

You don’t have to go from location to location to “catch” us or put out lures. Come visit us, and together, we can discuss how best to address your business problems so that you can achieve the next level of growth. 


Putting Health into Your Hands: Owell Bodycare Pte Ltd

Owell Bodycare was established in year 2000 with the single-minded desire to ignite people’s passion to take charge of their own health. Rather than start looking for a solution only when a health problem surfaces, the company aims to transform the conventional, passive mindset to a dynamic, self-directed one, where people take affirmative action that may delay or prevent the onset of these issues so that they can enhance their own well-being. Read more


Smile, Sparkle, Shine: Orthogem-Asia Pte Ltd

Orthogem-Asia is a Singapore-based company specialising in cutting-edge solutions for health optimisation and improvement. Catering to all age groups, its products are invented by passionate and innovative experts with pioneering concepts in their respective fields. The company aims to offer new, genuine and unique solutions to customers while continually enhancing its existing product range. Read more



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