Issue 19, Dec 2015 - Dulukala Restaurants | Marca Stella

New Partnership, New Perspectives

We are very excited to share about our new partnership with SMU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business, where undergraduates in their final year will work in groups to address clients’ business problems as well as identify potential opportunities. The projects will form an integral part of their curriculum and contribute to their academic scores.

Called the Capstone Programme, it focuses on business model innovation where student teams will devise business model ideas, supported by comprehensive, high-level business plans. Although the programme is designed primarily to provide students with real-world exposure, SMEs benefit as they receive practical, cost-effective recommendations backed by sound data. Additionally, depending on the number of project teams (dependent on the class size), the SMEs will get all the recommendations at one go, at the end of the academic term. The simultaneous delivery date makes it easier for SMEs to consider any new input vis-à-vis their own company strategies.

In this e-Bulletin, we showcase a selection of projects commissioned by two SMEs in the Capstone Programme. As you can see, they are not so different from our UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute’s flagship SME Consulting Programme, which we see as being complementary to the Capstone Programme.

Whereas the SME Consulting Programme would be more appropriate for fledgling SMEs that require assistance on one major area at a time, the Capstone Programme is more suited to organisations that are more established and are looking for new ways to scale the next height. With more resources in the latter, numerous teams can work on a plethora of business issues for the SME at the same time.

However, the SME Consulting Programme project timeline is not defined by the academic schedule (start dates are January or August). There is more flexibility as a project can begin as soon as both the SME and student-consulting team come onboard.

There are slight differences in the two programmes but what is more important is that both of them offer SMEs diverse perspectives as well as innovative, actionable ideas based on sound research techniques and proven methodologies. Put simply, we have the means to give your business a boost.

Is there a need to appoint the most expensive business consultant every time? Open your mind to a new perspective – and let us explore the possibilities with you.


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