Issue 14, Sep 2014 - Selegie Soyabean | Gano Well | Mekhala

Health Food Galore

Although “health is wealth” is such a cliché, its wisdom is undeniable. Yet for working adults, it is sometimes difficult to put in the requisite amount of exercise, get enough sleep and achieve an ideal work-life balance. Conscious of the shortfall, some people try to eat better by turning to organic food and healthier food options, and also fortify their body with supplements like lingzhi.

Annually, the organic food industry is growing at double digits both worldwide and in Singapore, boosted by the demand from a burgeoning middle class that is more affluent and knowledgeable than the generation before it. Firm in the belief that certain products are superior to others, the increasing demand has also benefited others by spawning a larger number of players – giving consumers more options, and lowering the prices. Health foods are now available to everyone, and not just to the privileged few.

In some ways, this is also what we do at the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (AEI). Through our flagship Consulting Programme, we provide affordable feasibility studies and brand audit services to SMEs which may not have the resources for high-end, full-fledged professional consultancy services. Our team of student-consultants will work with you to solve a business problem or undertake a quantitative or qualitative study using scientific methods, supervised by an industry veteran. As the project takes place over a specific timeframe and the scope of work is pre-determined, you are able to allocate your resources to ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations.

In this issue of the newsletter, we look at how three SME companies – all dealing in healthier food and product options – have benefited from the Consulting Programme.

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Tantalising Texture and Taste: Selegie Soyabean Pte Ltd

Selegie Soyabean unveiled its brand of soft and silky beancard to customers in Kovan Hawkers Centre in 1998, because the owners – all siblings – wanted to share their passion for the traditional Chinese dessert with others ... read on

Wellness from Nature: Gano Well Pte Ltd
Gano Well Pte Ltd is an importer and wholesaler of organic, log-grown ganoderma lucidum (lingzhi) medicinal products, health supplements, tea and coffee ... read on

Wholesome, Healthy Living: Mekhala Pte Ltd   
Mekhala was established in 2006 in response to founder Phanthip Jang Bauerle’s fruitless search for safe and effective products for her family and clients at the premier Asian Leadership Institute and Retreat in Chiang Mai ...  read on


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