Issue 12, Mar 2014 - Kosh Consulting | 361 Degree Consultancy

Getting A New Perspective

By definition, consultants are experts who possess the depth of knowledge and wealth of experience in their respective fields. They are the specialists that organisations (and people) look to for guidance on how to do things better. In this issue, two consulting companies with impressive track records in their own fields are tapping on the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (AEI)’s flagship SME Consulting Programme (SCP), for brand audits that they do not have the resources to perform.

While our student-consultants may not possess the industry knowledge and experience of our SME friends, it is notable that “from the mouth of babes oft times come gems”. This has proven to be true time and again as our “babes” (student-consultants) have delivered “gems” to the many SMEs which have benefited from SCP. These “gems”, in the form of a sound report, provide the SMEs with new perspectives and recommendations that are relevant, realistic and workable. Some SMEs have also implemented the proposals shortly after receiving their project reports.

For each project, a team of student-consultants will undertake an unbiased audit of the SME using scientific methods, working under the close supervision of a Project Advisor. Although our students may be “babes” in one sense, there is nothing juvenile about the project’s qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and analyses. In fact, we are gratified that a featured consulting company’s founder and his team expressed that they were “blown away by the professionalism in the report and recommendations”, calling them “comparable” to something from a “professional research company”.

If you are looking for a fresh perspective on a concept or idea, or wish to explore the viability of a new project but lack the knowhow or resources, come talk to us. With their creativity and commitment, our student-consultants can breathe life into the belief that “from the mouth of babes oft times come gems”. 

The Learning and Discovery starts here!

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