Issue 11, Dec 2013 - Dermedex | Lim Kee Food Manufacturing

Young Towkays: Moving with Time and Tech

Time and tide wait for no man, and neither do young towkays (bosses). It’s often been said that the younger generation is an impatient lot, and even with their whole life ahead of them and time on their hands, they want things to move at break-neck speed. Their enthusiasm, drive and willingness to do things faster (and better) can only be beneficial to a business – if they do the right things, at the right time.

In this newsletter, we showcase two companies which are helmed by the “second generation”. This new breed of towkays is used to the conveniences and connections powered by technology, where vast amounts of information are available at the click of a mouse, and they can reach billions of people across continents within seconds. Despite their head start in a fast-paced world – including the opportunity to assume towkay-ship – they recognise their shortcomings and know when to seek help to plug the gaps.

The two companies, and 200 over others before them, have benefited from our flagship SME Consulting Programme. This Programme caters to SMEs which do not have extensive resources to engage professional consultants. Closely monitored by a project supervisor who is familiar with the client’s industry, our team of student-consultants will undertake an unbiased audit of the company using scientific methods. The team will then present the client with a comprehensive report of the findings, as well as a set of recommendations based on the client’s objectives. We understand the constraints faced by SMEs, so the audit project is highly affordable, and completed within 12 weeks.  

To further serve the needs of SMEs, we recently launched an online Marketing Toolkit in collaboration with SPRING Singapore and Ogilvy Singapore. Do explore this toolkit, which is aimed at assisting SMEs navigate their marketing needs. There are plentiful resources and templates that are immediately applicable, such as step-by-step guides to create a brand manual, as well as useful tips to help kick-start your digital marketing initiatives.

Come share your goals – and your doubts – with us. Our Programme may well be the much-needed affirmation you need to embark on your next phase of development.

The Learning and Discovery starts here!

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