Issue 15, Dec 2014 - Lek Lim Nonya Cake | Aries Gold | Carragheen SkinCare Boutique

Get Rid of that Niggling “Gut Feeling”

“I had a gut feeling that this was the right thing to do.” “I felt it in my bones (or stomach, or some other part of the anatomy).” These comments sound familiar, don’t they?

Too often, we hear of business decisions being made on the basis of some hazy, indefinable “gut feel”. While it may have scored some successes, companies – and SMEs in particular – may not want to risk their limited resources on such unverifiable reasons for their business decisions.

The UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (AEI)’s flagship Consulting Programme tackles some of the issues surrounding this unsubstantiated “gut feel”. A team of student-consultants, closely supervised by an industry veteran, and working with the SME client, will use methodical and scientific research theories and techniques to obtain relevant data, analyse them and provide usable recommendations that address the client’s concerns. If the data support the “gut feel”, business owners are assured that they are headed in the right direction; but if the data prove otherwise, a costly error is avoided. Either way, the results will prove valuable to the SME to forward his/her business plans.

In this issue, we look at how the Consulting Programme has benefited three companies which were looking to enhance themselves in a competitive business landscape. Though they all come from the retail sector, their core businesses span diverse industries, namely beauty and wellness, timepieces, and traditional cakes and confectionaries. 

We are pleased that a couple of the featured SMEs have extended their engagements with the student-consultants beyond the scope of the Consulting Programme. This is truly testimony to the companies’ confidence in our teams’ capabilities, and also their commitment in their quest for excellence.

If you are undecided about your next step, why not come talk to us? We can help you on your ongoing journey towards success, and perhaps give those “guts” a well-deserved rest.

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Heritage Snacks with a Difference: Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionary

Holding firm to the belief that delicious kueh (cakes and confectionaries) can bring joy to anyone who tastes them, Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionary Pte Ltd (Lek Lim) was co-founded in a home kitchen by Lek Peng Kwang in the 1960s. ... read on

A Time for Form and Function: Aries Gold   

Aries Gold was established in the 1960s with the goal to offer customers beautiful timepieces for any occasion. Almost 50 years on, the firm designs and manufactures high quality watches that are unique and durable, ... read on

Best Face Forward: Carragheen SkinCare Boutique Pte Ltd  

Carragheen SkinCare Boutique Pte Ltd is a one-stop beauty haven for the modern woman who juggles multiple roles. It provides a range of services designed to pamper, soothe and rejuvenate, helping customers rediscover their natural beauty and confidence. ... read on


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