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Available Consulting Projects

Journey with the Companies and the Project Advisors to discover a different U. 
Click HERE to view some of our Project Advisors’ profiles.
Project 557/FY18
Company Profile: A logistic company
Type of Project: Business Strategies
Click here for more details
Project 556/FY18
Company Profile: An optical retailer
Type of Project: Market Research & Strategies
Click here for more details
Project 554/FY18
Company Profile: A wholesaler and distributor of OEM household products.
Type of Project: Consumer Research
Click here for more details
Project 553/FY18
Company Profile: A Food & Beverage Company
Type of Project: Market Entry Strategies 
Click here for more details
Project 552/FY18
Company Profile: An Enteprise Software Company
Type of Project: Marketing Strategies
Click here for more details
Project 551/FY18
Company Profile:  A distributor and OEM supplier of beauty, hair and health products
Type of Project: Brand Audit & Strategies
Click here for more details
Project 550/FY18
Company Profile:  An electronic parts manufacturer
Type of Project: Business Feasibility Studies
Click here for more details
Project 549/FY18
Company Profile: A creative agency
Type of Project: Employer Branding
Click here for more details
Project 548/FY18
Company Profile: A bespoke jewellery retailer
Type of Project: Strategic Marketing
Click here for more details
Project 546/FY18
Company Profile:  A retail chain specialising in lifestyle and novelties goods
Type of Project: Online Marketing Strategies
Click here for more details
Project 543/FY18
Company Profile:  A mid premium hair salon located in the heart of Orchard Road  
Type of Project: Feasibility Studies
Click here for more details
Project 485/FY17
Company Profile:  A private educational institution providing a wide range of programmes from short courses to post-graduate programmes for niche Malay-Muslim market
Type of Project: Market Research and Profiling
Click here for more details
Project 484/FY17
Company Profile: A publisher, retailer and distributor of quality malay enrichment books and learning resources
Type of Project: Business Strategies Innovation
Click here for more details
Project 483/FY17
Company Profile: A private educational institution specialising in part-time enrichment programs for niche Malay-Muslim market
Type of Project: Organisation Climate Analysis
Click here for more details
Besides gaining valuable experiences that can spice up your CV and earning stipend of S$3,000 per team, you can also log in the consulting projects done with the Institute as part of your 10-week internship requirements (applicable for some schools only). Hence, this programme serves as an alternative for gaining some great internship experiences. All teams will be guided by a project advisor who will be your sounding board and mentor for the project.
How to Apply
You are required to form your team of 3 members for each project. If you are interested to be part of the consulting team, kindly indicate your preferred Project Number (i.e. Project “XX/FYXX”) at your email heading and submit your CVs together with a completed copy of this Interview Application Form to
Only shortlisted teams will be notified via email. Please email us at: if you have any enquiries.


Last updated on 14 Jun 2018 .

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