How can I build my public image through special events?

A successful event can help you to gain publicity, build brand image and attract customers.

Special events such as a launch ceremony, company celebration, competition, convention or seminar can help the company gain mileage in both image and profits. Planning a schedule and using an event planning checklist will help you plan a smooth running event that meets your objectives.

Planning a successful event

  1. Have a clear understanding of the purpose of your event. Know why there will be an event and the anticipated outcome.
  2. Establish the goals for your event. Determine what you wish your attendees to gain from the event.
  3. Determine your event budget. Establish how much you can or how much are you willing to spend, and whether you will recover some cost from registration fees.
  4. Choose your date and location. Select a date that does not clash with other large events. Select a venue. You may even involve a visit to another city.
  5. Set up a project timeline. Work backwards from your selected date and plan a schedule with specific tasks that must be accomplished by specific dates.
  6. Determine which vendors you will need to work with. These could include caterers, entertainers, florists, photographers, printers and audio-visual suppliers.
  7. Determine if you need any special licenses or permits. This could be anything from arranging fees and permission for using recorded music to arranging to have sections of a major street blocked off for traffic control.
  8. Promotion and public relations. Plan how you will promote your event so that it is well attended, and how you intend to get media publicity through it.

Other than organising your own event, you can accept invitations to speak at forums run by well-respected organisations

Public relations is about building good will public and creating favourable awareness with customers, businesses and stakeholders. One way of instilling company goodwill and brand awareness is through offering speaking engagements, as you would be building a reputation as an expert in your industry.

Make sure that you have something valuable to share about a specific topic. Prepare your talking points well, otherwise you would not be a credit to your company. Based on the nature of your business, identify a list of organisations or events you can offer speaking engagements to, and build relationships with them.