Why should I do promotion?

Promotion is the coordination of marketing communication efforts to convey information about your company’s products to prospective customers.

Using promotion to communicate persuasively will

  • familiarise your existing and prospective customers with your company’s products and services
  • inform them about your company’s special events
  • establish or re-position your company’s image, product and services
  • influence prospective customers’ behaviours and attitudes
  • create consumers’ desires and attract them to your company’s sales channels such as store and website

Promotion gives your company many opportunities to turn sales leads into qualifying leads that are more likely to buy your products or services. Your sales and marketing results will be enhanced through a better understanding of what a promotion plan is and how it works.


How are Sales Leads, Prospects and Customers different?
Sales leads are people or companies whom you are in basic contact with and who could be interested in buying your product or service. The sales leads will turn into prospects when you connect with them and get them interested in your products and services. When prospects accept the terms and conditions associated with the purchase of your products and services, and place an order with you, they become your customers.

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