How do I Implement and Evaluate my Marketing Plan?

Ensure that your marketing strategy translates into real results by implementing it right, evaluating the outcome, reviewing areas for improvement and rewarding people for a job well done.

You will need an implementation plan to help you manage what you need to do. While a good plan is necessary, ultimately it comes down to how you and your team execute the plan. Identify skilled implementers, communicate your plan to them effectively and put in place incentives.

When developing your implementation plan, you will need to consider the following questions.

  • What are the activities to be implemented?
  • Who are responsible for the implementation?
  • What time and where (location) to implement?
  • How will the implementation be done?

Once you have implemented your plan, you will need to regularly evaluate how you have done. Make appropriate adjustments to your plan if needed to ensure you reach your goal.

Regular self-evaluation can help you to keep performance on target, solve problems, identify new opportunities to exploit, identify impending threats and manage them.