Measure: Tracking Tools

Adding tracking codes to all your marketing channels can be a daunting experience especially if this is your first attempt. Tracking codes are small pieces of additional JavaScript or HTML codes that are added to your web files to monitor interactions occurring on the file. You will need some basic level of understanding HTML codes in order to add them yourself. However, with the advancement of web technologies and competition, many online marketing tools have designed their products with user friendly interfaces/instructions to suit SME owners who prefer the DIY option.

If you are using a marketing tool to manage your marketing channel, chances are that you already have a reporting module built-in to the tool. For example, if you are using WordPress for your website, MailChimp for email, and AdWords for your paid search, your tools will automatically track your channels without the need for 3rd party integration.

Here are some common online channels & platforms with built-in / common 3rd party analytics tools: