Presentation Folders

You have taken the time and effort to create quality letterheads, business cards and fact sheets. Now present them together in a professional package.

At a trade show with countless of companies handing out brochures, catalogues and fact sheets to customers, using quality presentation folders can set you apart from the crowd.

In fact, the folder can do more than just hold the materials together. Think of how the various components can be presented and placed to complement each other, with an interesting theme running throughout that attracts the customer to read through all of them.

What to take note of when creating your presentation folder?

  • Decide what to put inside your folder. Are the folders meant to hold thick brochures or single sheets of papers? This will decide the type of folders you will need. To put in more information, consider using a bi-fold or tri-fold folder.
  • The look of your presentation folders should be aligned with your company image.  Refer to your brand identity manual.
  • Most Presentation folders come in a standard size of 9" x 12" with one or two pockets


Other things to note
1)    Decide on your print size and design your layout accordingly.
2)   Use consistent typefaces. Recommended font sizes are 14 for headline, 12 for body text and 10 for captions.
3)   Write in an engaging manner to grab attention and hold interest.
4)   Have someone proofread your work to eliminate spelling errors and typos. Get them to identify areas which require improvement or clarification.
5)   Select a good quality, heavyweight paper such as 100# (100lb) gloss or matte text stock.
6)   Use full color printing (4C: CMYK).
7)    If possible, engage a professional printer. If not, print your own brochures on an inkjet printer.