Direct Mail

Direct mail are advertisements, letters, brochures, post cards or newsletters that you send directly to each customer on a database. Also known as direct marketing.

You can create direct mail in varying shapes and sizes, but you have to make sure that they still meet the standard post office mailing requirements. As with all other collateral, success depends on your ability to craft an attention grabbing marketing message with a persuasive call to action.

The recipients of direct mail are usually current or past customers or individuals who are on your self-developed or purchased mailing lists. It is critical that your mailing lists are current and consists of the right target customers.  Give an incentive so that customers willingly update you if they change their addresses.

Through direct mail, you have total control over the marketing message you wish to send directly to customers. Make sure you don’t create junk mail - those that offer zero value and are not sent to the right target audience - because you simply get thrown away.

Developing effective direct mail

  • The first sentence or header in a direct mail should immediately zoom in on benefits of your products
  • Keep the offer simple and easy to understand. Use a personal and friendly writing style. Speak as if you are talking to only one person at a time.
  • Make your offer more attractive and persuasive by having it for a limited period. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages people to take action.
  • Include a call-to-action. Get the customers to respond to your advertisement either by calling you, emailing you or visiting your shops.
  • Make it easy to respond or place an order. Include toll-free phone number (24-hours, if possible), fax number, email address and order forms, if appropriate. Offer payment options that are convenient for the customer. You can even offer payment plans that make it attractive to buy now or buy more.


Creating mailing lists

Buying mailing lists from brokers can be expensive and may not be as up to date as you hope. Build your own mailing list by starting with name cards you have received. Include family and friends and also referrals from them. Tap on membership directories of organisations that you belong to. Invite people to join your mailing list on your direct mail. Create a simple but effective way to manage the information on your database.


Using Post cards

Post card marketing is a cost effective way to reach out to customers. Postage for a post card is usually less than other types of mail and there is no need to spend on envelopes. In addition, the message on the card can be read directly by the recipients without the need to open an envelope.