Business Cards

Your business card bears concise information about you and your company, and is exchanged during formal introductions to external parties.

Business cards are an inexpensive, yet indispensable tool for introducing yourself, your business and what you do. You give it to potential customers so that they can easily contact you and your company.

Your business card is a representation of your business.

It is exchanged at your first meeting with potential customers and business partners. If you create a credible and professional impression, then these customers may buy your product. If you create an amateur and shoddy impression, then customers might look elsewhere. It is important that your business cards are professional and presentable.

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Design Tip
Remember, less is more. It is not necessary for you to include logos for each and every professional qualification, certification or trade association on your business card. If you do wish to include these, consider placing them on the back of your card so that the front remains clear and uncluttered.