How can I measure the results of my branding efforts?

It is important to measure how effective and successful your branding efforts are.

This is to ensure that your branding efforts achieve the intended goals of creating awareness and appealing to your customers.  It also serves as a way of determining if the money spent has generated a good return on investment.

One Evaluation Method is to check Brand recall, which is the extent to which a brand name is recalled as a member of a product category in the minds of consumers.


Brand association is another good method to find out if perceptions have changed as a result of your branding efforts.

Brand evaluation uses a 5-point or 7-point scale to check consumers’ attitudes and feelings about your brand. 


Blind test is a technique used to evaluate a package or product without benefit or influence of the brand name.

Select consumers randomly to participate in your experiment. You may prepare samples of your product and your competitors’ products in the following ways:
a) Standard, plain packaging with no brand names printed
b) Standard, plain packaging with brand names printed

Get the participants to try out the samples and fill out a questionnaire on the quality of the various samples using a 5-point or 7-point semantic differential scale. Compare the change in perceived quality of each sample after the brand names have been disclosed.

If consumers rate the quality of your sample higher after the disclosure of brand names, then it shows the positive association your brand has gained.