Influencing Business: The Global Rise of B2B Influencer Marketing

by Rahul Titus

Cover image of the report 'Influencing Business: The Global Rise of B2B Infleuncer Marketing'

With influencer marketing stereotyped by many as a consumer tool, the B2B world has largely written off collaborating with Influencers. As a result, B2B has been slower to accept how Influencers could drive impact in their business operations.

But it's foolish to ignore the underlying component of what makes influencer marketing so successful. Experiences shared from a like-minded community becomes uniquely validated, and the trust exchanged between that community becomes innately ingrained in all its participants.

Carefully selected Influencer partnerships now play an integral role in how businesses consume, verify and act on information. But not enough brands develop the deep, meaningful, and complex relationships with Influencers their audience demands. Businesses need to understand the value that lies in those authentic partnerships. For those who get that right can own the pockets of industry conversation where reputations are truly formed.

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Rahul Titus is the Global Head of Influence for Ogilvy.