Conversations That Matter—From Start-Up to Scale-Up

by Dayoan Daumont


Startups and fast-growing companies often think working on their brand is only a communication tool, a as secondary priority that can be figured out later down the road.

On the contrary, the brand is the cornerstone of any successful growing company. As an emotional and engaging translation of business strategy, it plays a fundamental role in crucial management decisions as well as daily employees’ behavior. A powerful brand thus has a central role to play in development, from gaining leadership in a traditional and saturated market, to increasing financial value for future fundraising, or building a strong corporate culture. Even in difficult times, the brand is a great support to shift and pivot activity. 

In Conversations That Matter – From Start-up to Scale-up: Brand as a growth accelerator, Ogilvy Consulting’s Dylan Buffinton and Fanny Bellanger discuss how a strong brand can be a key tool – for everyone – and discover inspiring examples of how others did it.

Watch the session above and click here to download the deck.

This session covers:

  • The traps not to fall into while building a powerful brand
  • The 6 business superpowers of the brand
  • How to use your brand to guide choices and behaviors throughout your company
  • Food for thought and inspirations from other start-ups and scale-ups

Dayoan Daumont is a Consulting Partner, Innovation and Digital Transformation at Ogilvy Consulting.