Conversations That Matter—Navigating the Shift from Purpose to Impact in Sustainability

by Dayoan Daumont

Sustainability is changing quickly. Brands are under pressure from all their stakeholders, as investors and governments set standardized science-based targets to accelerate the transition, and consumers look to business to help them close the ‘green’ gap between their sustainability intentions and their actions. Pre-Covid many brands were beginning to integrate their CSR efforts into brand and communications, but the pandemic has accelerated the need for brands not just to have a purpose but deliver real impact. The climate summit COP 26, at the end of this year, will raise ambition and expectation even further. 


In Conversations That Matter – Navigating the Shift from Purpose to Impact in Sustainability Ogilvy Consulting’s Carol Stickler, Stephanie Bakkum and Ed King explore how brands can deliver against their social and commercial imperatives, and discuss an approach to realizing the value of good intentions.

Click here to download the deck, and watch the full session above.

This session covers:

  • Context: what is driving adaptation in sustainability and new expectations from stakeholders
  • Ambition: how category leaders have moved beyond the race to net-zero
  • Activation: how to activate sustainability ambitions and better engage stakeholders

Dayoan Daumont is a Consulting Partner, Innovation and Digital Transformation at Ogilvy Consulting.