Conversations That Matter—Beyond Influence: How Behavioral Science Enables Influencer Marketing's Future

by Dayoan Daumont

Influencer marketing has increasingly been employed as a proven, go-to marketing strategy across many cutting-edge companies’ category-defining consumer marketing plans. All the while, advances and innovation in understanding how consumers think and feel -- from a cognitive perspective -- have provided marketers new tools and insights into their target audiences. As behavioral science has given way to a more codified set of advanced marketing tools, there exists an opportunity for brands to form more meaningful connections with consumers. 

In Conversations That Matter – Beyond Influence: How Behavioral Science Enables Influencer Marketing’s Future Ogilvy Consulting’s Spencer Schrage and Linqia’s Keith Bendes review how influencer marketing has evolved over time and how micro-influencers form strong ties with their followings, delivering better results for marketers. More specifically, we will consider new cognitive and behavioral tools, and prescribe how marketers can use them as a means of making their approaches to influence more effective.

Watch the full session above, and click here to download the deck.

This session covers:

  • How marketers have used influencer marketing in innovative ways to better connect with target audiences
  • An introduction of the latest innovation of new tools to better understand consumers’ cognitive POVs and ways of thinking
  • How to futurecast the possibilities of how more targeted, precise influencer marketing can drive meaningful growth and business results
  • How different brands have tapped into the nuances of their audience to deliver differentiation and result

Dayoan Daumont is a Consulting Partner, Innovation and Digital Transformation at Ogilvy Consulting.